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Stud Sires SAV Renown 3439

Renown is the result of a proven and predictable mating that has created several leading full brothers in the Angus world. He is backed by the Blackcap May cow family that leads the breed in producing AI Sires.

His progeny combine modest birth weights with phenomenal phenotypic quality, breed-leading performance, superior structure and great disposition – truly in a league of their own.

The Renown calves will have similar growth like the Resource progeny, but with less birth weight and a bit more front extension and body length.

Angus Aust animal Id – USA17633839

SAV Angus Valley 1867

  • From the time honoured sire SAV Iron Mountain has proven himself around the world for many years for his easy calving and tremendous ability to add growth and muscling to his progeny.
  • Retained a son of his to work in the stud.
  • Beautiful cattle to handle
  • Short gestation and easy birth sire, used extensively over maiden heifers.

Angus Aust animal Id – USA17016630


Millah Murrah Klooney K42

Klooney is a soft muscled maternal type sire that has an impeccable Australian bred pedigree. Has a good calving ease trait that makes him suitable for not only cows but also heifers while his growth factor is up there as well.

Retained a Klooney son, Mordallup Klooney N36to work in the stud herd.


Angus Aust animal Id –  NMMK42


Thomas Up River 1614

Moderate framed bull (6-) with great thickness, and dimension. Clean sheath, good footed and a great phenotype and a power of presence for an Angus bull.


Angus Aust animal Id – USA17091363


Mordallup Thunder H131

A bull with an outstanding presence, great personality and temperament.

  • A bull that commands your attention for his correct stature, great temperament, excellent feet and legs and muscling.
  • Used extensively in the herd since a yearling, originally worked over heifers and now over cows
  • his do-abilty and muscling are second to none. never looses his condition.
  • Most of his sons have been sold as yearlings.

Angus Aust animal Id – WGMH131

Braveheart of Stern
Dam: Stern 3886Just what kiwi bulls used to be like A pure New Zealand Blood bull that has a tremendous depth of body and massive muscle quality. Has bred a beautiful line of daughters in our stud, which many are breeding our top bulls and heifers. Braveheart daughters are long bodied big volume type matrons that stand on excellent feet and milk production is unbelievable. His sons developed into exceptional muscled bulls with a high degree of IMF. They stand correct, walk well and have a terrific disposition.Have retained a son, Mordallup Kuli G170 to work in the Mordallup herd. His popularity is unprecedented based on strong phenotpye and performance in a New Zealand based pedigree with a very low progeny cull rateKeep an eye on pedigrees that has Braveheart in it.
Angus Australia
Full pedigree & EBV data
Mordallup Density J403

Density has a very good do-ability factor, he carries the same genes as his sire Mordallup Density D36. Both never loose the their condition throughout the year. strong in the feet and legs and a super sound body structure that carries his weight (1200+kg) comfortably. his progeny excel in the growth traits up to weaning and yearling stage.

Have retained a beautiful line of his daughter in the herd.

Angus Aust animal Id – WGMJ403

Mordallup Barro F480

Has to be one of the most under-rated stud sires in the industry. Always produces the goods and always never fails the delivery. his dam was one of our very best “King B72” daughters we ever bred. producing a son the broke the West Australian Auction record in 2006 with other sons selling for the sale top prices.

Astute buyers are reaping the rewards of Barro’s sons out in the field.

Sire: SAV NET WORTH 4200
Would you ever find an elite Stud Sire such as Mordallup Net Worth C187. We at Mordallup think so much of this bull that he has been used naturally over a wide base of cows.
Progeny show a tremendous amount of softness and muscling and that good do-ability trait that we all look for.
His daughters are now in production, showing the traditional Mordallup trait, “do-abilty” .
Angus Australia
Full pedigree & EBV data
Sire: SAV NET WORTH 4200
Mordallup Net Worth C170 has always been a bull that has stood above his peers.
His muscle mass, thickness of body and skeletal correctness are his true strengths.
Sons of his will be one of our leading  sire groups in our 2014 bull sale.
Sold in our 2009 bull sale to VR & DJ Mouritz, Hyden WA.
C170 is now used extensively in their commercial herd. Having proven his steer progeny have weighed 40kg dressed weight above the average of all other cattle going through the feedlot of the same age.
Angus Australia
Full pedigree & EBV data
Beautifully balanced bull with such growth and appeal.
A very large framed bull with a terrific skeletal and foot structure he could cover his territory easily.
Lost him through an accident and are keen to retain a son of his to replace him.
Angus Australia
Full pedigree & EBV data
SAV Net Worth 4200
Sire: S A V 8180 TRAVELER 004
S A V MAY 2410
The world by now would already know the story of SAV Net Worth 4200.
Accolades now flow freely no matter where his progeny are and rightly so.
No bull from USA has had such a dramatic influence in the angus industry for muscle power and sheer volume of muscle.
His daughters are truly magnificent breeders and will certainly dominate the angus world for many years to come.
Quote from Kelly Schaff of Schaffs Angus Ranch and co-owner of Net Worth,
“Much of the angus industry has got caught up in chasing figures and number values and have forgotten the relevant traits, physical conformation and functionality that the breed is based on. This movement has created a large population of Angus cattle that are no better than the computers and academics used to create them. It has many of the breeds most loyal commercial cattlemen baffled and even seeking the use of crossbred and exotic bulls. Fashionable figures don’t pay the bills when calves are marketed across the scale and grid system, premiums are not premiums when they are offset by additional days on feed to finish while significantly less carcase weight. If the promotion of figures is leading us to breed narrow shallow-gutted hard doing Angus that look and function like a Wagyu, it may be better to switch breeds than to erode the elements of the Angus breed that have made it the greatest breed in the world.”
Angus Australia
Full pedigree & EBV data
 Mordallup Classic Z55
Classic Z55 was sold at our 2006 auction for $26,000. A WA auction record for the angus breed.
His sons have followed on in very similar fashion to him. Very volumous cattle that truly stand well above their peers. No Mordallup bull ever used at Mordallup have ever bred bulls with such dimensions in size, growth, muscle and sheer presence.
Daughters are in production and carry themselves and their calves easily during the tougher times of the year.


Mordallup Angus

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