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“Welcome to our sale”

APRIL 14, 2021, 12.30PM WST start

Well it was a dry year in 2019 and for many of us who have incurred dry dams for a while and this summer has been no different for us. However we are well poised to see the dry spell through and hopes and fingers crossed that we all have a decent winter/spring. As for the cattle they have done well in general across the south west with stock holding their condition well into late summer and early autumn.

Sale time is nearly upon us and as we prepare for the big day, we are continually gazing at our young bulls and are proud of what we will line up for the day. The daily growth rates of the young bulls are above what you would expect for such a dry year we’ve had, so this gives confidence that they have the ability to do well in any environment.

New and recognized sires again will be represented. They continue that Mordallup trait of strong hindquarters that are square from hip to pin and go deep down the hind leg. Early muscle definition and growth in the genetics we offer will also be on show. It’s something we believe in so “you” the cattle breeder can see the potential of what your calves can look like at the same age.

For a fair while now we have always pushed the fact that pedigrees is a very important tool  in cattle breeding, in fact probably the most important tool you to use. In all stud breeding in whatever you’re breeding, be it cattle, sheep, horses or any other animal, it’s always essential to have a superior and strong true-to-type animals in the family tree. This helps the sire your buying to stamp his credentials over your herd of females.

You will also notice that the old Breedplan EBV has been replaced with TACE EBV’s, not a lot has changed with the exception that now New Zealand and Australia have incorporated the 2 nations EBV’s into one. It will change a few EBV’s around, but how much, I can’t tell you.

As normal the sale team are Zoetis STAR BREEDER Program Accredited, so they have had their full complement of vaccinations and ear-notched free and also had their Bovilus MH-IBR and Pilligard vaccinations.

We are confident that this year’s offering will perform consistently under commercial conditions and we encourage you to attend our yearling bull sale on April 15th sale.

Hope to see you there.

From all of us at Mordallup

Mark Muir.

Marketing Your Angus Cattle

Time is fast approaching us to start marketing Angus cattle even more proactively.

The demand for Angus cattle is ever increasing especially the demand for more pure lines of Angus. Export companies, butchers, supermarkets, feedlots and graziers all wanting a slice of the action. We must supply this demand or they will look elsewhere and once that happens they may not come back.

How many times have we read in the rural papers in a livestock section advert, advertising X number of head as Angus. How do we know they are pure bred angus, straight bred angus or 2nd cross or anything in between or the hearsay that other breeds are been masqueraded as Angus. It can be misleading when cattle are advertised as Angus and  how disappointed would a buyer be who thinks they  have just bought Angus Cattle of high purity but latter finds out they may not be.

With buyers wanting to know what they are buying it’s time we marketed our cattle as such. There are many pure bred herds in WA and a lot more straight bred Angus. And all we have done when selling is market them as Angus. To me it would great sense to market our cattle with a lot more thought. There is a premium out there for cattle that are marketed properly.

What I propose below is a great starting point.

 1        If you can guarantee your cattle are more than 6 generations of Pure Angus then you should market them as Pure Bred Angus (100% Pure). There is a huge demand out there for this animal

2        If you can guarantee your cattle have more than 3 generations of Pure Angus blood then you should be marketing them as Straight Bred Angus (94% Pure) or a maximum of 6% of another breed still in their genes. The demand for this type of animal is ever increasing and will only grow.

 3        Then if you have 3 generations or less then you can then promote them as Angus or Angus Cross.

 4        There must be a signed declaration by you, the vendor stating which purity category the cattle you are selling come under.

 5        We need all livestock companies to embrace this marketing system.

 6        As Cattle Producers, we need to embrace this marketing system as well.




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