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Marketing Your Angus Cattle

Time is fast approaching us to start marketing Angus cattle even more proactively.

The demand for Angus cattle is ever increasing especially the demand for more pure lines of Angus. Export companies, butchers, supermarkets, feedlots and graziers all wanting a slice of the action. We must supply this demand or they will look elsewhere and once that happens they may not come back.

How many times have we read in the rural papers in a livestock section advert, advertising X number of head as Angus. How do we know they are pure bred angus, straight bred angus or 2nd cross or anything in between or the hearsay that other breeds are been masqueraded as Angus. It can be misleading when cattle are advertised as Angus and  how disappointed would a buyer be who thinks they  have just bought Angus Cattle of high purity but latter finds out they may not be.

With buyers wanting to know what they are buying it’s time we marketed our cattle as such. There are many pure bred herds in WA and a lot more straight bred Angus. And all we have done when selling is market them as Angus. To me it would great sense to market our cattle with a lot more thought. There is a premium out there for cattle that are marketed properly.

What I propose below is a great starting point.

 1        If you can guarantee your cattle are more than 6 generations of Pure Angus then you should market them as Pure Bred Angus (100% Pure). There is a huge demand out there for this animal

2        If you can guarantee your cattle have more than 3 generations of Pure Angus blood then you should be marketing them as Straight Bred Angus (94% Pure) or a maximum of 6% of another breed still in their genes. The demand for this type of animal is ever increasing and will only grow.

 3        Then if you have 3 generations or less then you can then promote them as Angus or Angus Cross.

 4        There must be a signed declaration by you, the vendor stating which purity category the cattle you are selling come under.

 5        We need all livestock companies to embrace this marketing system.

 6        As Cattle Producers, we need to embrace this marketing system as well.




We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our 37th “Real Beef – Real Bulls” Annual Bull Sale.

With 57 years of solid genetics behind our name we are confident that our bulls will perform to their best.

We have catalogued 74 bulls this year, our biggest number of bulls for a few years.  This year’s line up as always show cases new genetics as well as a number of homebred bull’s progeny. It’s always a delight to see our homebred sire’s progeny coming to the fore. As you will see that half of the first ten lots are homebred.

I would like to point out one particular sire that over time has gradually come to prominence “Mordallup Radar Z184”. His daughters are some of the most amazingly built females one would ever wish to see. His sons are now out in the commercial field doing terrific things and we here have retained several sons and grandsons over time to work in our stud and commercial herds. Even this year we retained another Radar Z184 son, “Mordallup Blazer G209” to work in the stud herd. His appeal and carcase credentials are outstanding. Radar Z184 is a massive sized bull and would challenge anyone to show me a bull of his size and weight. He’s nine years of age and still working strong. His sons are well represented in the sale again.

This year’s sale line up are very good and I make no bones about it that it would have to be one of the most even team of bulls assembled at Mordallup for uniformity and muscle solidarity. I firmly believe that this year’s bull’s progeny will give you the competitive edge in the market place. Some bulls in spring 2012 put on a daily weight gain of 3kg+/day during the Spring Flush. So when the need to gain weight when the opportunity rises they can do it know worries at all and sustain their gains during the lean periods of the year.

As the weaner and female sales occur during the summer period Mordallup Genetics are well on show at many sale venues throughout the state. At one Landmark weaner sale in January 2012 there were approx. 1100 pure bred weaners up for sale and it was estimated that approx. 800+ of those weaners were of Mordallup Blood.

Now this year’s sale will be a little different than those of the past.  Instead of an auction ring, all the bulls will be sold by pre-recorded video shown on 2 giant screens that was filmed just before Christmas. As usual, bulls will be penned up as normal but won’t enter the sale ring. Landmarks Auctioneer Mr Tiny Holly will conduct the sale and will help us to usher in this new way of selling. Most of you would know Tiny from past sales and selling livestock at Muchea.  Upon request, DVD’s of the sale bulls can be mailed to you for your perusal at home prior to the sale if you wish. This can give you a head start before you get to the sale.

Our family would love to see you at Mordallup on February 8th and enjoy our hospitality and be invovled in what we have on offer in the bull sale.

Anyone wishing to inspect the bulls any time leading up to the day are most welcome.



Our 2013 bull sale will be a little different from previous years.

With the success of video sales of last years sale season, we have decided to join the team.

The video format will be strange to many people but given time buyers will adjust to it and find it to be a very effective tool in buying bulls.

Two or three large TV screens will project to you bulls walking and standing in paddock style conditions. All sale bulls will be penned as usual for your inspection but no bull will enter a sale ring as such.

It will be important to have your preferences sorted out before the sale commences and be confident in what you select. But don’t worry if you get confused because you able to go and view the bulls in their pens during the duration of the auction.

There are many ways to take advantage to this new technology and future advancements in the techno game will only help.

If you have an iPad or tablet you can have your own little screen to view the bulls provided you have downloaded the sale video at home before the sale.

We will be glad to post you a DVD of the sale team for your viewing at home prior to the sale. DVD’s should be available by Mid January along with the sale catalogues.

With this we would like to announce that Landmark will again conduct the sale with Tiny Holly being our guest auctioneer



Timeline F195 enters Angus Sire Benchmarking Program

Mordallup Timeline F195 has been accepted into the  Stage 3, 2012 Angus Sire Benchmarking Program along with 38 angus bulls from around the world.

Cows have been inseminated October/November 2012 and due to calve July/August 2013.  It will an interesting few years as his and other bulls progeny are weighed, scanned and steer carcases accessed while their heifer progeny are analysed for breeding.

Timeline F195 has completed his 2012 mating duties in the stud herd. He has continued to grow and mature into a truly impressive bull.

With semen now on the market his popularity will grow with him.  See semen sire page for more details


Record price for vealers at Great Southern Saleyards. 15/12/2011.

New season vealers sold to a record high of $997 through Primaries by long time clients Bill and John Vermeulen, trading as CW & J Vermeulen, Walpole.
The draft of seven angus steer vealers averaged 488.6kg and realised 204c/kg when knocked down. These were part of a consignment of 66 outstanding vealers.
These vealers were out of angus friesian cross matrons and sire by Mordallup bulls.
(extract from Farm Weekly 29/12/11)

Looking for the WOW factor in your herd!

Make sure you keep in touch with us at Mordallup as we will be offering a number of potential Stud Sires and a good range of Commercial Bulls at our on-property bull sale east of Manjimup, WA on Friday, 8th February 2013.
2013 line up are now looking exceptional and will provide a unique opportunity for any cattle breeder to acquire the WOW factor.
As stud breeders we are always endeavoring to produce something unique and a little special that will stand out above all the rest.

Sons from a new sire battery plus our proven sire team are really showing that WOW factor. Their growth and muscle development are truly impressive. They are so soft in their appearance and is one thing that sets them apart from a lot of other American & Canadian AI sires.
Check the Stud Sire page to check out our sire line up

Keep in touch as we will continue to put their pictures and information on the website.


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2019 Bull Sale

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